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The Beijing Ningxia Hotel (Beijing Ningxia Dasha) is within walking distance of the Imperial Academy and Lama Palace. The Ningxia Hotel is designed to be suitable for both personal comfort and business matters. There are multi-functional halls and all sorts of conference rooms. Health facilities are complete and include an indoor swimming pool, a squash court and more...More>>

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  • fxy1314521
    Equipment old and uncomfortable, but super good service.
  • panpeii
    For young people, WIFI too slow, for improvement, a WIFI or any facilities at the need to invest more.
  • busiwo
    Wipe the saliva I you Yes you sleep
  • e00226802
    Not bad
  • xingsir001
    Carpet boom, smell,
  • MonsterXu
    All right
  • bobo198207
    1. the location of the hotel is very good, very close to the Lama Temple and the Imperial College, surrounded by residential areas, choose to eat a lot. 2. facilities, washing supplies supplies is very poor. 3. morning little taste bad.
  • sufeiya520
    Hotel four star standard, service very good, is the environment a little bit noisy, hotel alley, alley before passing through a dumpster, surrounded by lots of cool Palm alley Boyle, and foreign colleagues were surprised, lol
    Rooms are spacious and snacks around a lot, and clean, but a bit old.
  • abadou
    Travel convenience
  • beibeixiong
  • valle007
    Hotel is well located, convenient, quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy than comparable hotels, great. hotel rooms are very clean, decorated very warm, bed very comfortable, necessary, staff were very friendly, will stay again.
  • lsmxy
    Services can also, conveniently, the room is a little expensive
  • reniogn
    Alley around four star hotel, in a quiet, a bit outdated facilities, the health situation, the price is right, recommended.
  • jwd0575
    Room for students, but also good.
  • danny21815
    Service bathroom stink at 11 o'clock noon room card doesn't work
  • Annabella
    It wasn't too bad
  • e02240358
    Satisfied, in addition to outside Internet, hope there will be improvement.
  • adamwu
    Convenient location, the second ring Ding men, wherever convenient, but old facilities, toiletries are not particularly good, and supply is not very timely, business hotels and some slightly better than, not much competition.
  • Wandering
    Surrounding environment is very suitable for traveling, is near from the Imperial College, over the old.
  • F98030007
    Older hotel, but the price is relatively cheap. shopping around is very convenient, hotel Ningxia cuisine is very good on the first floor. in the capital, there has been great.
  • ioovoo
    Hotel health good, fitting some older, Nice.
  • jonnyloo
  • njl05117
    Great location, away from the sea, nanluoguxiang, close, no more than 10 minutes, very convenient, hotel facilities were good, a Sichuan restaurant downstairs is very good, little stores lined up to a lot of people, benben chicken was delicious.
  • BovyYang
    Help customers book, location good, others are quite satisfactory.
  • e02939683
    Travel is convenient, beaches and eat more, but the old, TV is old, weak WiFi signal, room lights Dim. advantage is near attractions, cost is not high, there is a certain distance away from 4 star hotel standard.
  • guoxio
    Surrounding environment and convenience. snacks a lot
    Housekeeping services are very thoughtful, scatterbrain card ID card in my family are falls hotel, but fortunately there is housekeeping a female guests suits help us return, but for safety, is sent twice, thank you very much this staff, thanks to the hotel's attentive service!
  • asterid
    Very satisfied with the hotel, outdated facilities, poor service, will never stay again.
  • dafaur
    In General, location ... hotel is located in the small alley, advantage: South luogu Lane, Yan Dai Xie Jie, very close to the Bell and drum tower, and near the Subway Line 2, is very convenient, the room is clean and tidy. shortcomings: the decoration was a bit dated
  • e01492565
    Hotel is good Oh, turn right go south Gong and drum lane-very close to the sea-is what is money Oh-Island sex toys-vibrators are what the hell ... TT ... General sound effects ... Wooden toilet paper Oh ...
  • imldc
    High hotel prices, mainly Beijing's housing prices expensive, price of only one-third in Beijing, Hangzhou, hotels of the same type.
  • barry603
    TV's old, traffic is very convenient and taste a bit heavy
  • cx_024
    Nice, clean, neat, comfortable, next time will come
  • Alice Iverson
    You if on life very low requirements can select this hotel, I not recommended of reason following; 1. Hotel old has smell refused to open air-conditioning, I second days hot woke up, requirements check out, cheat said will open, also choke I said himself is new hotel, you understand what. new hotel are such. attitude is poor, I endure has. 2. second late air conditioning open has, midnight to shut has, results again stuffy woke up, find front desk evade, find customer service also evade, three or four times Hou I cry has, money buy gas by, two late sleep bad2. Hotel cleaning was perfunctory, not taking out the trash, toilet paper not yet changed.
  • e00675461
    Are good
  • aigon333
    Is that of the old hotel, possible relationship with the Government of Ningxia, has sold around Ningxia specialty. hotel room is larger, is listed, four star hotel, the price in Beijing is allowed. However, the hotel parking lot is outsourced, just odd-number in Beijing a few days to stop accepted more than 100 Yuan a day, this very pit!
  • tb6339
    OK, close to the second ring. location is inside the facility is a bit old.
  • ilovetea
    To to Houhai, only found to this shop, actually can live Metro near a points to which are convenient. this price can selected of should also is many. hotel decoration is old, feel slightly poor has points, 751 room of bathtub water is blocking, shower two feet station water in feel weird of. Taiwan basin water also not is smooth. addition hot system in fits and starts, almost didn't hot died. next to on not this shop has, not recommended.
  • Daisycx
    Hotel is located in the old town, surrounded by Alley, with Beijing characteristics, can walk to the temple, the Lama Temple, eating many, very convenient.
  • dawan3
    Was not satisfied with the service!
  • m00056035
    You also called clean room! to also sucking, table also not wipe, bathroom glass cup also not for, towel also not for are out taste has, slippers also not for, also four star, himself assessment of? worst of is WiFi, with no as, a asked front desk, front desk said has we network on such! is shameless! were it not for do near, really.... Advantages and, when, to help arrange a South, said lines at the front desk! see, to arrange an East OK! didn't give the entire NorthPretty good. Sum up; like much!
  • agnis88
    First said advantages; room area enough big has, Elevator more smooth, restaurant price reasonable, business time also late 2200 around. hydraulic foot, praised Xia weak small guy, compared enthusiastic patience recommends slightly to he add wage. waiter compared carefully, need carefully check identity information to to open room. to Beijing self tour strongly recommends live this, away from Metro more near probably walk 5 minutes, side Shang alley eat of is cheap greatly of clavicle 2 Yuan a root, fruit also is cheap, watermelon non-membersJust 1.08 per pound. Imperial College near Confucius Temple Yonghegong, nanluogu alley, very close to places such as Prince Gong's mansion, visit Tiananmen Square the forbidden city, Jingshan from the North Gate of the North Sea under 13 road to Imperial College, visit places such as Imperial College, and then through the Guozijian Street and turn left to the hotel. Insufficient; WiFi connected but not on the net, especially the iPhone; older facilities obsolete, active hose with a bathtub with shower toilet ground roughness prone to stagnant water.Can't afford a four-star hotel called. Convention early in the morning, actually called half an hour late, fortunately, I woke up about 20 minutes early, or you may miss the plane; sheets are not required to do one a day.
  • s9713005
    It's not bad
  • e03535354
    Elegant, clean, from the North Sea, South Gong and drum lane closer, good!
  • candysasa
    So many places to eat around, walking is the snack bar and restaurant. for more than 10 minutes walk from Metro station and bus stop within 100 metres, Hotel TV, no signal. living room for several days, but flip flops not on time every day, others can!
  • pig_pig
    Surrounding area nice, convenient, good service of the staff.
  • jym79
    Reasonable price
  • ffelicia
    Catch the free upgrade to Executive room, thank you reception, lovely, for there to be