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Ningxia Dasha Hotel Beijing is within walking distance of the Imperial Academy and Lama Palace. The Ningxia Hotel is designed to be suitable for both personal comfort and business matters.

There are multi-functional halls and all sorts of conference rooms. Health facilities are complete and include an indoor swimming pool, a squash court and more...


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  • busiwo
    Wipe the saliva I you Yes you sleep
  • m00243838
    Environment General
  • jessicaxm
    OK! facilities old, simple, but the room is not big enough! great location very close to the Lama Temple and the Imperial College.
  • reniogn
    Alley around four star hotel, in a quiet, a bit outdated facilities, the health situation, the price is right, recommended.
  • bobo198207
    1. the location of the hotel is very good, very close to the Lama Temple and the Imperial College, surrounded by residential areas, choose to eat a lot. 2. facilities, washing supplies supplies is very poor. 3. morning little taste bad.
  • libertycn
    Bad smell in the room, the window has a fan, the noise is great.
  • sungodd
    Convenient transportation has been very close to the bus station, a lot of food around the hotel, all kinds of food, bread, qingfeng buns, roast leg of lamb ... ... Delicious!
  • SpecialJM
    Beijing Hutong tour live well here!
  • meefei
    Carpet old, far away from the Metro is a little quiet
  • MonsterXu
    All right
  • Narrandera
    It's not bad
  • e01743600
    Parking fees are too high
  • misdo
    Location is not particularly good looking, room environment is good, health and environment.
  • ouyang88
    High price, breakfast is very good, patiently listening to customers about requirements, and owned by the customer, not t wrong well, next time!
  • e00146579
    Metro Line 2 subway 7-8 minutes on foot, but the bus out of the lane is quite near, away from nanluoguxiang is also very close, within walking distance. the ointment is the facilities of the hotel a bit dated, poor WIFI signal, but the price on the second ring is also quite good, and praise one!
  • BovyYang
    Help customers book, location good, others are quite satisfactory.
  • DriftDreamer
    Hotel facilities slightly old, but also is clean. location superior, near Houhai, South drums Xiang. even live 2 days, second days was didn't to clean, room of free mineral water only provides day of, known as is hotel of provides. dinner in Hotel Xia of restaurant dining, hanging room, left checkout invoicing Shi, had was told to to open into meal fee and room, also complained guest embarrassed front desk, this invoicing of rules had was play into such, is drunk has. back Hou found clearly by scheduled plans staying2 days, turned out in advance, but look at the feedback customer service. in summary, the hotel is also, conveniently, hardware, and software service level to boast about.
  • E01547844
    Great Lane around Beijing, and food is also very convenient, convenient, great
  • aigon333
    Is that of the old hotel, possible relationship with the Government of Ningxia, has sold around Ningxia specialty. hotel room is larger, is listed, four star hotel, the price in Beijing is allowed. However, the hotel parking lot is outsourced, just odd-number in Beijing a few days to stop accepted more than 100 Yuan a day, this very pit!
  • Diana3
    Very happy with! very nice!
    Housekeeping services are very thoughtful, scatterbrain card ID card in my family are falls hotel, but fortunately there is housekeeping a female guests suits help us return, but for safety, is sent twice, thank you very much this staff, thanks to the hotel's attentive service!
  • iailuo
    Older stars, but the price is quite affordable
  • m01557364
    Well, the old town, surrounded by old Beijing for couples
  • myempty
    Hotel near Beijing nanluogu Street, very convenient. shopping street can quickly return to the hotel to rest! little hotel, and comfortable!
  • lee8414922
    OK I also charge the treasure in the
  • ableice
    Very convenient location, hotel is OK
  • lsmxy
    Services can also, conveniently, the room is a little expensive
  • baggior
    Hotel in very good location, near a bus stop very close to the Metro, easy service and health are also very good, facilities slightly stale to the point, is that old, four star hotel, overall very satisfied!
  • liangy
    Area is large enough, but the hotel is very old, the equipment is very old
  • dawan3
    Was not satisfied with the service!
  • fionbaby
    Which is very nice
  • linruby
    I am quite satisfied with, environmental service facilities are good and the place is very hard to find, away from nanluoguxiang is also very close
  • dafaur
    In General, location ... hotel is located in the small alley, advantage: South luogu Lane, Yan Dai Xie Jie, very close to the Bell and drum tower, and near the Subway Line 2, is very convenient, the room is clean and tidy. shortcomings: the decoration was a bit dated
  • d03687510
    Didn't take the picture, and stayed for two days, and think it's pretty good, 4 live split is also quite cheap. space is also quite large, health services are good, have what it takes to make a phone call away, out of convenience, at the entrance to Tiananmen Square and Wangfujing Street.
  • xxgru
    Although facilities compared old is, but compared around of shortcut Hotel good many times. I set of is specials room 369 Yuan, live has 4 a night. away from Lama Temple, Imperial College, South drums Xiang, shichahai compared near. around bus, Metro are convenient. Wangfujing, Tiananmen, Palace took several Station Road on to has. only insufficient of is WiFi not too stable, hope Hotel party improved about.
  • cmt888
    Although it is an old hotel, but very high-grade, Hou Hai bar street very near!
  • candysasa
    So many places to eat around, walking is the snack bar and restaurant. for more than 10 minutes walk from Metro station and bus stop within 100 metres, Hotel TV, no signal. living room for several days, but flip flops not on time every day, others can!
  • b enny
  • nestle
    Provided, excellent service is worth living.
  • ABC multi-answer questions
    Is said to be good., play, there are many famous Siheyuan in Beijing, after the night, Lama Temple and worth a place to play.
  • m00963789
    Nice, every time I go to Beijing are living here, the only thing not good is that Wi-Fi is slow
  • tangfang324
    No WiFi in the room, not satisfied with
  • luotengfei001
    Around Houhai, shichahai, good location.
  • dma191
    Nice location very good.
  • e00644793
    Very good! it up again
  • e00011648
    Really good, is charging is not convenient
  • p201110
    Overall it can be
  • jonnyloo
  • sufeiya520
    Hotel four star standard, service very good, is the environment a little bit noisy, hotel alley, alley before passing through a dumpster, surrounded by lots of cool Palm alley Boyle, and foreign colleagues were surprised, lol
  • luowaling
    Is such a crappy hotel to more than 400, and mad money, saying publicity photos the same as Taobao buyers show cheating you? you never come to live, not the worst, only the little