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Experts say Beijing current price is not high: the next five years will break one hundred thousand

Date: 2013-10-16

Recent new home market is like a wild horse general frequency is "Day CD." For example, the CCT is located in Daxing Huangcun · International Port 1462 suites source project opened the day sold out, creating a one-day nationwide since 2012, the highest single real estate sales record; another example, last week in Pinggu pure new disc First City Driveway Bay, and is located in the town of Fangshan Chengguan MCC · Blue City two projects, the opening day was subscribed a blank.

Prices continued to rise, the house "daylight" hot, probably the most fun is the real estate sales director, and finally get rid of the regulation of sales since the bottleneck, can a big relief - at last year's sales do not worry!

Recently, the sales director of a listed company projects Liu Li (pseudonym) can be said to be "pain and happiness," going into the project promotion activities for her busy, but the sharp rise in sales, but also allowed for This year's sales have unprecedented confidence.

"A few days ago we just need to project opened, to the rate of 100%. Now Buchoumai, fight for the future sale of the project to achieve to the rate of 100%." Says Liu Li told reporters.

According to its introduction, just to be the most popular dish is currently selling. "Now all of the items on the market are selling well, the product is the fastest who just need product, while a faster pace with demand and slow is mainly about. Just need a large base of customers, demand is large, so faster than sales After all, just changed customer base relative to just be, the audience crowd slightly less. "

This reporter has learned that the housing prices to win customers just need the original product lines were added to a series, and this series of products is aimed primarily at people just need and just changed.

But at this stage, the housing prices due to market recovery and other reasons, also started moving to high-end residential. It is understood that in some high-end projects in western Beijing has begun to build a large number of passengers.

"For this project, the company in February to take the Land, is now under the provisions of the fourth quarter of the whole rhythm of the opening. Certainly not the cover plate, according to the sales pace to sell, and then return the funds for development to take place." Liu Li as saying.

The price adjustment for the project this topic, LIU took circuitous tactics, "just be and high-end real estate sales practices slightly different, but no matter what kind of project what products are starting from the quality. Merely speaking from practices, regardless of is just, in the end, or end, the way is not the same; even all just need to drive, not the same way, each project has its own idiosyncrasies. "

But Liu Li also said that in the second half, customer demand is still there. May depend on the specific land supply and demand situation changes and developers get permits, depending on the circumstances, but from the current situation, demand is still quite strong.

It goes without saying, hot sales, the sales level of housing prices rising demand on prices and buy still have absolute confidence.