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1949 duck DE chine art aron restaurant

Date: 2014-12-19

In the neon of Beijing sanlitunarea, is never lack of their dinner.Hidden in The Pacific department store The south gate of 1949 - The Hidden City, is a quiet courtyard full of artistic breath.Hospital two couplet platoon abandoned red brick factory, was converted into a distinctive restaurants, this is Beijing roast duck in the world art aron whole duck restaurant.
An exalted sword samurai statue guardian plain wooden door outside in the restaurant, on the other side of the window, restaurant appear a glass corridor, farmers also stood a row of miniature art sculpture, newly arrived guests is easy to attract eyeball these contemporary art, as if to the miniature of the 798 art district.
Dining room decorate most basic retain the original architectural features, are still exposed red brick wall and tall beam, only strives for perfection the theme of the decoration design, is immediately can like the fashion artistic breath here.Green lotus pond with ducks play giant mural on the wall, the duck echo the table fine wire inlay enamel furnishing articles, hanging high beams under a row of red droplight, downy light sprinkle on the purple tablecloth, build the infinite romance and small endowment emotional appeal.
Green grass shade patio is a huge old oven, beside the fruit tree PI to roast the duck raised in their own small farms, all are polished golden yellow color.With a sound of "MAO" gong, presented here is two sets of attractive taste buds duck, in addition, each with a plate of pancakes and waffles.Only a small layer of fat duck right and most of the lean meat, crisp tender meat no greasy mouth, with article on the bread roll melon, shredded green onion, carrot sticks, deserve to go up again the restaurant unique French champagne, a visual and taste the feast began.
All homemade sauce duck season is one of the features of the restaurant, with more than 40 kinds of the health medicinal materials carefully sweet bean sauce stewing, also joined the peanut butter and Fried garlic, gently shaking, again with a toothpick clever play out a beautiful modelling design, this is a visual feast is enough to make your appetite.