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Jinxiu zhuang: all exhibit characteristics of Beijing

Date: 2015-01-12

Jinxiu zhuang Beijing courtyard is located in the bustling of the west side of the front door pedestrian street house in hutong, shi is a courtyard hotel dazhalan area is distinctive, not only is it a quiet and elegant, more because of its companies predecessor in the beautiful and ancient decorative midstream shows a few minutes of hale and breath.After carefully build and rebuild in 2011, with its unique courtyard charm attracted eight side guests at home and abroad.
Guest room design is concise and elegant, 50 different characteristics between all the guest room is equipped with solid wood furniture, or the ancient grave, or generous and do not break delicate;And then supplemented by carefully for LCD TV, broadband network, air conditioning and other modern equipment, will be the icing on the cake for your Beijing trip.
Jinxiu courtyard hotel is equipped with decorate a style to zhuang unique leisure bar is the hotel one scene, favored by domestic and overseas guests like.In all hotel area coverage of wireless network, laying broadband in the rooms, bar is equipped with free Internet access more computers, to ensure that the guest modern network life, never stop.
Zhuang - like a Mosaic in jinxiu busy dashilan pedestrian street flanking the shining pearl, not colorful gorgeous, but also enough to attract the people.It with the front door business street, tiananmen square zhichizhiyao, old hutongs, although already is old traces, but has been lying in the streets in one hundred, the remains, the roar of the noisy, let a person can't help for hundreds of years ago the bustling picture here to extrapolate.